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Award-winning insurance subscription. Protection for your Google Pixel Watch against damage, loss, theft & more.

Google Pixel Watch insurance


Protection against damage & theft.

Accidents happen, and Google Pixel Watches are susceptible to damage from drops, spills, or other unpredictable events. An Arma Karma insurance subscription can provide a safety net for repair or replacement costs in case the worst does happen. Insurance can also be there to protect against things that aren't normally covered by a manufacturers warranty.

Theft is another common day-to-day risk while you're out and about. Google Pixel Watch insurance can help to replace a stolen device.

Covered for that unexpected loss.

Loss cover is there if you misplace or lose your smartwatch. Having Google Pixel Watch insurance can help cover the cost of replacing a lost device.

It gives you that peace of mind.

Your Google Pixel Watch is a big part of your daily life, and losing or damaging your smartwatch can be stressful. An Arma Karma subscription provides peace of mind, knowing that you have financial protection in case of unexpected events.

Smartwatch insurance
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Pick your items

To get your monthly price select up to 5 items to insure from our 14 categories, ranging from your phone and laptop to your glasses and guitar. Get an increasing multi-item discount with every new item you add! 

Check it out yourself!

Tell us about yourself

  • Unlike other insurers we don’t use your personal details to impact your price. All we’ll need is your name, DOB, address and contact details to set up your subscription. 

A few final questions

At this stage we need to ask you some final questions, to make sure our subscription is right for you and that in the event of a claim everything can go smoothly.    

Choose your charity

  • 25% of what we make from your subscription gets donated to a charity of your choice. You can pick from: Railway Children, Rainforest Trust UK, ShelterBox & YoungMinds.  

Start your subscription

Finally, you’ll just need to provide your payment details to activate your subscription. After this is complete your cover will renew on the same day each month as a recurring card payment.  

Add to your wallet

Keep your cover close by adding it to your Apple or Google wallet and ensure it’s there when you need it most. You’ll also receive your policy documents via email shortly after signing up.  

Need to make a change?

No problem, just let us know via live chat or by emailing our customer service team and we’ll get this sorted out for you.  

Making a claim

If the worst does happen, you can register a claim for your item online or over the phone. Next provide some documentation for your item (Proof of purchase e.g., receipt) and pay your excess amount. We’ll take care of the rest.  

is Arma Karma a trusted insurance company


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Very quick and simple

Very quick and simple process. Painless. A+++

Had a few questions about level of cover but the customer service team were helpful and resolved these for me.

I struggled to find good cover for my camera equipment until I discovered these guys, but now have my entire kit covered for under a tenner a month. The 60 days abroad was a must on this. Had several bad experiences before but so far the process has been refreshing compared to what else is out there.


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Highly recommend this company

Just joined these after being messed about all day with another insurance company. I’m so impressed with Arma Karma nothing is too much trouble. They dealt with my question straight away, the customer service agent who dealt with it was just so helpful and actioned my request straight away without questioning. Unlike the rubbish company I had tried dealing with all day and got nowhere. Highly recommend this company.


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It was so easy to subscribe with great cover

After buying a new phone, I spent some time looking for the best company to insure it with - It was so easy to subscribe with great cover. I really like what they stand for and how they support climate impact using my subscription to help important charities.


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