Summer is officially here and we’ve all got one thing on our minds… our next holiday. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending your time off in the sun or the snow, our advice will always remain the same; you should not be working on your holiday. Getting away is already a hard enough task when you consider things like packing for the trip and travelling to your destination, but by adding work to the mix you turn your sweet treat into a recipe for disaster. 

Work Time VS Personal Time

Since the start of the pandemic, the way we work has changed a lot; although this transition has given employees a lot more freedom and flexibility in regards to how, when, and where we work, the line between ‘work time’ and ‘personal time’ has become increasingly blurred. Some will blame this on the lockdowns that have taken place over the past few years although, this is an issue that predates the pandemic.

We’re only able to work so well in our personal time because we always have the tools to; because of smartphones and other technologies, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can never truly get out of the office. 


In 2013, Dr Ian Hesketh first coined the term ‘leavism’ as a way to describe the growing trend in employees using their personal time and annual leave to complete work outside of their paid working hours. An explanation for this could be that as the workplace becomes increasingly competitive, employees tend to bite off more than they can chew as a way of getting ahead.

Another is that for some people, work can be more comfortable and easier than the rest of their lives; working in your personal time can be a way for people to avoid the fact that they don’t have that much going on outside of the office. Although the solution can vary from person to person, the first step is always to make sure that you make time for your personal life; if you don’t make time for it, your life will be all work and no play. 

The Importance of a Holiday

Because of this, it’s important that you get all your ducks in a row before you leave the office, whether it just be for an evening in front of the telly or a week away somewhere sitting on an inflatable unicorn.  You owe a break not only to yourself but also to your colleagues; we’re sure they love working with you it’s just that a lack of rest reduces motivation, which will eventually take its toll on your performance. 

Some will choose to ignore this advice, as they enjoy their jobs because it allows them to use their skills and abilities, which is great, although it’s important to try something new and give yourself a break so you can maintain your interest. 

All that being said, if you absolutely have to work while you’re on holiday because it’s a matter of life or death then make sure you do it knowing that your stuff is protected with an Arma Karma subscription; it doesn’t matter if your laptop meets its doom in close proximity to the pool or your sunnies take a trip to the bottom of the ocean, get a quote and make sure that we’ve got you covered with laptop insurance and more.