1. Plants Plants Plants!

Everyone knows the key to any Millennial’s heart is a houseplant, and that’s because there are so many benefits to having plants in your home! They can fill any space big or small where lack of colour or design may be an issue, whilst adding some stylish flair to your home.

Studies have shown that indoor plants can also improve your physical and mental health, by reducing stress, boosting creativity and getting rid of any unwanted toxins in the air. If you live in a stuffy city home, these pollution-fighting wonder-plants are a must!

Try a classic Monstera Deliciosa or spruce up a wall with a hanging Pothos plant. Bonus: these bad boys are almost impossible to kill!

2. If you can’t paint walls… paint furniture!

For some reason, most landlords have a bit of a love affair with magnolia, and we know that doesn’t exactly scream “trendy young person”. But if you have to put up with it, there is no reason why you can’t just be bold in other areas. Many pieces of old wooden furniture at a charity shop could look amazing with a fresh lick of paint, and it’s the perfect way to inject some individuality into your home. An upcycling day with your friends is also a cheap easy way to get together and have a laugh- think of those hipster pottery cafes that make you pay £20 to paint a mug. It’s a great step to living sustainably too: these pieces will last much longer than any cheap and cheerful MDF furniture you might want to buy on a whim.

3. Find alternative ways to hang pictures.

Many landlords will be fine with you putting a few nails in the wall as long as they can be filled in at the end of your tenancy.

However, if they are not so keen on your DIY skills, there are plenty of ways to get around it. These days there are so many options for renters; clips and tacks that you can put pictures up with that will easily come off and leave your wall mark free. It’s also very “in” to simply have your framed pictures lean against a wall on top of pieces of furniture or a mantlepiece, and adds a laid back vibe.

Alternatively, another great way to elevate your pic game is with washi tape. This allows you to stick prints on the wall without a frame (saving £££s), and also add some playful colours or designs.

4. Use simple hacks to make your home look bigger and tidier.

It may sound obvious, but many rental homes do not look like “forever homes” just because of storage. When you don’t have adequate storage solutions, it makes your home look less stylish and more like a hostel. You are here to stay, so invest in some ways to keep your rooms tidy and slick. Things like under bed storage boxes and wardrobe door organisers will keep your room looking spotless and much bigger. Have a look on Pinterest for some more storage hacks that you can use.

Another top tip for making your rooms look bigger: Mirrors! Placing mirrors in the right spots around your home will give greater depth to a room and also reflect natural light which will give you a brighter, more enjoyable space!

5. Textiles are your friend.

I’m talking rugs, curtains, cushion covers, seat pads, throws… aka the easiest way to add personality to a rental. If you want a certain look or a vibe, or want to switch up your colour palette, these pieces can help you do that instantly. Rugs are a must-have, they can disguise an unattractive floor, help soundproof your apartment if you’re the party animal of the building and turn spaces into more defined areas. If you live in a furnished or part furnished rental, and the sofa you’ve been given isn’t all that great, using throws and cushions can turn that around relatively cheaply.

Bonus: many big homeware retailers now have sustainable fabric options to choose from when buying, and as always you can also find great options at charity shops. Also, if you’re a bit of a sewing whizz and want to add a more personal touch- you could always try making your own cushion covers!