Let’s get real. We all know how much the next generation love a subscription. Its quick, easy and hassle-free, and allows us to stay with the brands we really believe in. So we’ve rounded up a list of our best-loved subscription services that are ethical, environmentally friendly and promote wellness, mindfulness and stress-free living.

Arma Karma.

Okay so we may be biased, but you have to believe in yourself right? An Arma Karma subscription allows you to ensure your favourite possessions are protected wherever you are, whether that be at home, out and about, or abroad, whilst supporting a charity you really care about every month. Take the everyday stress out of life. Anxious about theft or damage to your phone or laptop? Now you don’t have to worry! Arma Karma is here for you…what’s not to love?

Personal possessions insurance subscriptions begin at £3.99 a month.



Here at Arma Karma, we care about our customer’s wellbeing. Headspace is a great app subscription that allows you to work on your own mindfulness through guided meditations on a variety of topics, breathing exercises, gratitude, and helpful tips to avoid stress and live more mindfully. The Headspace team work with many national bodies to help find ways to combat poor mental wellbeing, and studies show use of the app can help reduce stress,burnout and anxiety, whilst also improving focus, compassion and overall mood!

Headspace subscriptions begin at £9.99 a month.


TOTM Organics.

We love brands who share our commitment to a better, more sustainable world, and TOTM Organics do just that. Period products are notoriously bad for the environment and often for women’s bodies, being filled with plastic, dyes, bleach and other unnecessary evils. TOTM offer products made from organic sustainable cotton, which produces 94% fewer greenhouse gases and uses 88% less water to produce. Being able to have a regular subscription to get the products you need allows you to have a stress-free period, whilst also helping the planet and earning loyalty points!

TOTM allows you to order any of their products on a subscription basis, so please check their website for pricing.



Oddbox is your fruit and veg delivery box with a twist: all of its stock is “seasonal surplus”, food that would usually be wasted for no good reason at all! Every box goes towards reducing food waste, and saving water and carbon dioxide, whilst living more healthily and getting to try a plethora of different fruit & veg. Plus, they donate 10% of all produce they save to food poverty charities. Unfortunately, these baby’s are only available in London at the moment, but Oddbox hope to expand very soon.

Boxes start from £9.45 a week.



Smol is another brand which revitalises how we purchase everyday items. A laundry (and now dishwasher) detergent with a difference, Smol helps you calculate how many laundry tablets you actually need, and sends them to you on a subscription basis. By buying direct, customers can save up to 50% off your normal spend on detergent. Smol’s USP is that their tablets also contain much fewer chemicals than their competitors, and both their product & delivery packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

New users can begin with a free trial, 24 capsule cases begin at £4.50 on subscription.


The Willoughby Book Club.

Sitting down with a good book for a bit of me-time is a hallmark of all self-care manuals, and having a book subscription is a great way to encourage you to take time out for yourself and immerse yourself in a spot of reading. At the Willoughby Book Club, you can choose a subscription to suit every kind of bookworm. You can pick your favourite genres, fiction or non-fiction, and receive books completely tailored to your preferences. By signing up for the Book Club, you will also be helping those in need. For every new subscription, The Willoughby Book Club donates a book to BookAid International, a charity that helps underprivileged children across Africa have access to books, in order to improve their life chances, literacy levels and personal development.

Subscriptions start at £39.99 for three months of books.


Who Gives A Crap.

Besides a great name, Who Gives A Crap is also a great brand making a huge difference! A toilet paper brand with a difference, these loo rolls are made out of 100% recycled paper, and are great value at just over 18p per 100 sheets! They also calculate how often you need a delivery based on how many people live in your home, so your subscription will always be perfectly timed. WGAC is another brand on our list with a strong passion for charity, and they donate 50% of their profits to building toilets for impoverished communities worldwide, that’s equated to over £1.5 million so far- there’s nothing crappy about that!

Subscriptions vary, begins at £24 every 8 weeks.



Keeping busy at home has been a topic at the forefront of everybody’s minds this year, and has highlighted to us some great subscriptions that will allow you to learn some new skills and be creative. MakeBox is a UK based subscription which sends subscribers the materials required to make all kinds of different craft pieces, from macramé wall hangings to papercraft and ceramics. Studies show that crafting lowers your stress levels and helps your self-development, so give yourself a bit of me time and make something beautiful for your home!

Boxes available monthly for £24.99


Blue Coffee Box.

The Arma Karma office would not function without coffee, so this subscription is perfect if you, like us, have a severe caffeine dependency. Sample unique artisanal coffees every month, prepared, roasted and ground to your precise specification. Flavours are wide-ranging and produced to a luxurious quality, all at a great price. Blue Coffee Box’s coffee beans are all ethically sourced directly from farmers; who are then paid around 30% more than the typical Fairtrade price. Blue Coffee also refuse to sell single-use plastic coffee pods, as part of its commitment to being environmentally friendly!

Multiple subscription plans available, beginning at £7.99 a month



We’ve always wished there was an easy way to stay motivated to work out at home. Now, there is! Fiit is an app-based subscription that gives you access to loads of great video workouts, each led by renowned trainers. From cardio, strength and rebalance, all types of fitness junkie are catered for, and each workout varies in length and difficulty. From £10 a month, its much cheaper than overpaying for a gym that you have to travel to, and help keeps your physical and

mental health in tip-top shape! Bonus: if you have a smartwatch or purchase Fiit’s own tracker device, you will be able to optimise your training to see how hard you are really working, and compete against other Fiit members in live sessions!

App subscriptions start from £10 a month