1) Games Console

This is going to be a must for university this year. At many campuses, your uni houses will be your social bubble for staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so chances are you’ll be spending much more time in halls than usual. So, whether you’re an Animal Crossing addict or get your kicks from Call of Duty, bring your games, consoles and A-game. They’re a great icebreaker with your new flatmates if you can play together, and you can also play with friends back home if you ever feel a bit homesick.


2) Photos from Home

It can be hard being away from your family and friends, especially if you’re a new student. Bringing a few of your favourite snaps from home is a great way to remind yourself of how loved you are, and is an easy way to do up your new room. Companies like PhotoBox have apps where you can get 50 photos printed for free every month, so it is super affordable too. Adding new pictures to your wall once you have new friends and memories will make you feel at home so much quicker.


3) A Bicycle

Going on bike rides is a great way to familiarise yourself with your new area, and see parts of your new town/city that you wouldn’t normally. Biking can also help you to get around in a COVID safe way, and to save so much money on public transport. Additionally, it’ll help you to stay active during term-time, especially if you’re not a fan of the gym, as well as lowering your carbon footprint. If you can’t transport a bike to uni or don’t have one, many universities have bike sales or deals with local companies, so be sure to have a look.


4) Playing Cards

The person that brings the cards to the party is always the popular one, fact! Current restrictions won’t stop you from having a little house party within your university bubble, so make sure you bring some playing cards to bring the party with a game of Ring of Fire or Ride the Bus. For the non-drinkers out there, cards are still a must-pack: for either a classy poker night or casual games night.


5) Speakers

Trust us, you’ll be grateful for this tip. A Bluetooth speaker is a necessity at university. Whether you want to chill in the park, need the perfect revision playlist to get your brain working, or want to set the vibe for a social bubble party, a good speaker is all you need. A speaker that doubles up as a charger is definitely a bonus and great for avoiding those “what percent are you on?” moments.

Of course, it’s vital that you make sure the items you care about are covered when you go to university: for peace of mind, and to protect your wallet if something gets accidentally broken or stolen. Insurance that covers you inside your flat, out and about and abroad is the only option for the typical fast-paced university experience. With an Arma Karma subscription, you can insure your bike, a console and your speakers as a bundle, for around £7.25 a month.*

*Price as illustration. Quotes may vary depending on item value and excess selection. Get a quote now to see precisely how little you can be insuring your stuff for.