The fast fashion world has already welcomed a challenger as Love Island brought on eBay as sponsors. But the thrifters’ Mecca isn’t the only place you can buy gadgets, as sites such as Reboxed bring refurbished mobiles, laptops and other gadgets to the table.  

If you think that refurbished is all about the money you can save, you’re half right. Here are three reasons you should definitely consider the pre-loved route for your next phone.    

1. It’s cheaper

A new iPhone Pro 13 costs £1049 from Carphone Warehouse, while the same model on Reboxed costs just £820. If you’re tempted by the perks of a free tablet thrown in to sweeten the deal by your phone provider, refurbished sites cover other gadgets too, not just phones. Otherwise, you might use the money you save on used versus new to buy something you’d prefer. 

2. It’s better for the environment

New phones produce 87kg in emissions during the manufacturing process, compared to just the 7kg emitted during refurbishment, according to Backmarket.

Not only that, but they and other providers, such as Reboxed, look to take their sustainable smartphone option further still, with the latter offsetting the lifetime emissions of the phones they sell and planting trees for each sale. 

3. You can now insure your refurbished phone

If you’ve ever explored phone or gadget insurance, you’ll know that there can be some pretty hefty limitations on details such as the age of your device, or its condition.

Monthly insurance subscription, Arma Karma now covers refurbished gadgets against loss, theft, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown, just as long as they come with a 12-month guarantee.  Get a price for your smartphone insurance in less than three minutes. 

How to fund a refurbished smartphone 

It might cost less, but even so, a secondhand gadget can present a bit of a financial hurdle, with many costing at least a couple of hundred pounds. The allure of going through your phone provider is that you can just cover this cost through monthly payments over the course of your contract. However, saving up for a refurbished phone means you’ll only need to cover your airtime, and your insurance, of course.   

Where to buy 

Companies such as Reboxed offer everything you’d expect from a gadget retailer and includes 12 months warranty for your peace of mind (and your insurance), plus 30 days to change your mind.    

Go greener still with your phone 

If all this has got you thinking of other ways you can be kinder to the planet through your choice of phone, you can go one better with carbon-negative phone data. Honest Mobile offers the first carbon-negative sim.

Arma Karma can protect your phone at home, outside and abroad against theft, accidental damage and loss, plus mechanical breakdown even if it breaks outside of warranty. And to sweeten this deal, you choose a charity to support through your subscription, at no extra cost to you. 

Get a quote now, and then why not take a look at ramping up the protection with one of these eco phone cases?