Should I insure my
engagement ring?

Firstly, congratulations are in order if you are reading this blog! As you begin the next chapter of your life as a fiancée, a common question asked is “Should I insure my engagement ring?”. Well, we are here to help, continue reading to find the answer.
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Does my home contents insurance cover my engagement ring?

Whilst some insurance providers’ will cover a ring, most will want it to be listed on as a specific item. The average value of an engagement ring in the UK is £1,500 so it is important to speak to your insurance provider as to whether you will need to add your ring as a specific item. Here at Arma Karma we offer ring insurance, click here for a quote.

Will my engagement ring be covered outside of my home?

Many insurance providers home contents policies will only cover items that are damaged or stolen inside your home. Adding cover for outside the home is usually offered as an optional extra and although it might seem obvious, it is vital to let your insurance provider know that you would like to include cover for outside the home. This is known as personal possessions insurance.

Will my ring be covered abroad?

Some insurers will cover you when you go abroad. but this does depend on your personal possessions insurance policy. It is also worth noting that some of your personal possessions, including your rings, may be covered under your travel insurance. Be sure to read the limits and exclusions of your policy carefully. In some cases, it may be best to purchase a separate policy for your ring, especially if you are going to be travelling for an extended period.

Do I need to have my ring valued before arranging insurance?

It is a good idea to have your jewellery regularly valued by a specialist jeweller to ensure you have the right level of cover for your ring’s value. The jeweller will also provide you with a document detailing the descriptions and value of each item which can prove useful when making a claim. However, for an insurance quote, a formal valuation isn’t necessary if you know the approximate value of your ring.

The National Association of Jewellers suggests having your jewellery valued every three to five years to ensure valuations are up-to-date.

Our top tips for keeping your engagement ring safe

Get insurance cover for your ring.
Don’t remove your rings in public, especially not when washing your hands in a public bathroom.
Keep your ring clean with a jewellery cleaner or visit your local jeweller and ask them to clean the ring for you.
Always put your ring in a ring bowl or jewellery box when you remove it to keep it safe.
Avoid wearing your ring when cleaning or doing other practical tasks to avoid losing it.
If you are newly engaged or have been engaged for a while and are now considering ring insurance, head to our quote page to get your quick quote.

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