Shopping for the right laptop can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re travelling a lot and haven’t got the time to research what’s out there. So to make the experience easier, we’ve put together a summary of all the things you need to consider when deciding which laptop is best for travel.

Best laptops for travelling professionals

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling for business or pleasure, it’s always handy to have your laptop with you; because of this, it makes sense to get a laptop that is smaller and easier to transport from place to place. The best size laptop for travel is always going to 13” at the very largest. 

Something that also needs to be taken into consideration is the industry that you work in, your role as a professional, and the tasks you’ll need to complete. If you work in finance then it’s likely that you’ll only have to carry out administrative tasks, so you can afford to get something small and cheaper. In contrast, if you work in a creative industry then you’ll have to splash the cash on something with a larger screen and bigger processor for viewing and creating content.

Best laptops for international travel

If there’s one question you have then it’s more than likely that it is ‘are laptops allowed on flights’… although the answer is usually yes, it’s always best to check with your airline before you travel to avoid disappointment. It’s also a good idea to carry your laptop in your hand luggage if at all possible, just so you know that your laptop will end the journey in the same condition that you started it in.

The strongest contender for the best laptop for international travel is the MacBook Air because of its high-quality 13” display, powerful M2 chip processor, and the fact that the charger has a USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable. 

The reason Apple’s inclusion of USB-C is so significant and helpful to international travellers is because of the EU’s new rules that demand that by 2024 USB-C will be the common charging port for all mobiles, tablets and cameras in the European Union. In the past few years, the port has been becoming increasingly popular and available in a number of public places in the UK; this decision means that you’ll be more likely to find these ports elsewhere in Europe, making it easier to charge your laptop while you’re on your travels. The symbol for USB-C is can come in a couple of different forms, but usually in the shape of a thunderbolt.

Laptop accessories for travel

In addition to the USB-C cable, there are many other attachments that you can take with you on your travels, although the most important accessory has to be protective cases. In terms of laptop travel case companies, there are so many to choose from that we couldn’t possibly choose a laptop travel case company, but if you look on sites like Amazon you should be able to find the right case for you. 

When you’re travelling there are so many things that can go wrong, especially when you have a laptop with you; while a travel case is good, it’s best to go the extra mile and get laptop insurance. With an Arma Karma subscription, you can do more than just protect your laptop, inside, outside, and abroad; you can add up to four more items to your subscription for as little as £1.99 per month… so if that’s something that would suit you then get a quote and protect your laptop today!