Insurance is all about protecting the things you care about the most, whether that’s the physical contents of your home or your glasses that come with you everywhere, or even pet insurance to ensure your animals are protected at the times you need it most, it all comes back to support you to ensure you are safe in the knowledge that you are protected and don’t need to worry about affording it if something goes wrong.

You must have car insurance to be able to drive legally in the UK and the majority of people abide by this as they know it protects them when out on the road, but what about the other precious items that you also care about and might not be able to replace?

As we face a cost of living crisis, insurance is starting to come to the forefront of people’s minds as they want to make sure their favourite items are safe, in fear of being unable to afford a large cost if broken, lost or stolen! 

However, insurance isn’t just limited to physical property and items, and can also cover other important things that you love and care about, like your pets. We would all love to be able to take care of our pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but sometimes unfortunately we might need outside help to assist in keeping the family pet healthy and strong. 

What is pet insurance? 

Pet insurance is designed to cover all unexpected and unfortunate situations that can happen to your beloved pet. Vet bills are the most commonly associated cost when it comes to any pet and can range from low to high depending on several factors. Pricing can vary depending on many different things, this includes but is not limited to your pets’ age, breed, and any hereditary conditions they may already have. 

However pet insurance can also cover things like complimentary therapies (up to £1,000), behavioural treatment (up to £1000), dental treatment (up to £1000), death theft or stray (up to £1000), and can include third party liability (up to £2000000). This means that not only are you covered for vet bills but even other things you may not have anticipated that can quickly become a big expense.

Waggel insurance is a Lifetime Pet insurance company that does exactly that, they offer a lifetime pet insurance policy that can give you the peace of mind that only comes from insurance from the moment you pick up your new pet throughout their life. 

Unlike other pet insurance companies, they offer:

  • Dental treatment*
  • Dog behaviour consultant*
  • Complimentary therapies*
  • Zero excess/claim contribution
  • Members’ platform to offer advice and support 
  • 15 years of insurance experience
  • Easy process to claim in seconds
  • You can track your claim in real-time

*up to £1000

They also give you the choice of paying towards the bills or just utilising your full pet insurance and filling out your claims in three easy steps to make your life as stress-free during the process as possible. 

What does lifetime pet insurance cost? 

So if all of the above is included, that must mean it’s an expensive monthly cost to allow for all of the perks? 

Fortunately, that is not the case with Waggel, as we’ve already mentioned they intend to provide support for the entire life of your pets, whether that be short or long and they have worked hard to ensure your insurance is tailored specifically to your pet so you can enjoy the care and support of pet insurance whilst not breaking the bank.

Depending on the different factors ie the age, the breed, any hereditary conditions etc it can affect the monthly cost of your tailored pet insurance policy, however, this is shown to you during their easy signup process and you can make an informed decision on whether or not Waggel pet insurance is right for you by getting a quote today