Living with people can be trying at times, there’s no two ways about it. From different opinions on washing up to different party vibes, it can be difficult adjusting to another person’s routine. So we’ve compiled a list of the five best apps or subscriptions you can use to make your house share run a little bit smoother, and minimise housemate beef.

1. SplitWise

Ah, the dreaded bill split. Cause of approximately 80% of household disagreements (yes we did make that figure up, but stay with us). SplitWise is an amazing app that helps you track who owes what, and track bills or other expenses. Instead of trying to remember every little bit of cash you owe, SplitWise tallies up debts and reminds each user what they owe (and to who) at the end of each month. Simply set up a roommate group, and all outstanding payments can be quickly sent to group members, with zero hassle.

2. MatesPlace

Sometimes, it’s not about making it work with your current flatmate, but finding a new one, and MatesPlace is the best place to do just that! If you’re a little nervous about living with people you don’t know, this should solve all your problems. MatesPlace essentially is like a roommate recommendation service, showing you friends of friends who are in your position, so you can know have peace of mind knowing that your sister/friend/cousin knows this person, and they seem ok. Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about fake listings, catfishes or dodgy roommates ever again. They also have a Facebook Group, but naturally, you can only join if you have mutual friends already in the group, to ensure exclusivity– fancy!

3. Arma Karma

Wow what an honour to be on this list, so unexpected x

Basically, insurance is a must have if you own items you love or would not be able to replace easily. In shared accommodation, protecting your own stuff ensures you do not have to take out a joint policy with your flatmates (bullet dodged, let us tell you). An Arma Karma policy also means you don’t have to get a large policy covering loads of random stuff, like your IKEA furniture- you can just focus on what matters! If you want to find out more about what makes our subscription different from housemates contents insurance, check out our blog post, so you can pick whichever one is best for you. 

4. Tody

Say goodbye to the badly written cleaning rota on the fridge that no one ever looks at. Tody is a ‘smarter to-do list’ that will revolutionise your cleaning schedule. The app will learn from your routine how tidy/unclean an area is, and assign tasks based on priority. It will also turn house-cleaning into a game with roommates: house mates can synchronise their cleaning to-do’s and can claim credit for their actions when they’ve completed a task.

5. Time Tree

It’s always good roomie courtesy to let your housemates know when you’re planning on having people over, if you’re going away for a bit, and even to remind them about upcoming bills or inspections. Enter TimeTree, the free calendar app that allows you to share calendars with people, so you can learn each others’ schedules a little better. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t expect you to share every little detail of your life with your roommates, but using it to keep track of joint housemate info, as well as gatherings/parties happening in your house, is a life saver– and will definitely save you a few arguments.