Many of us haven’t been on holiday for almost two years (and we’ve missed it a lot). So, in case you’ve forgotten the do’s and don’ts of overseas travel, have no fear, as we are here to remind you of the best ways to keep yourself and your things safe whilst travelling.

1. Choose hotels wisely

One thing we always look out for in hotel rooms is a safe, so we know we can sleep easy with our things nice and secure. This is a great tip especially if you are staying in a hostel. Possessions such as your camera, phone or other items could be at risk of theft when you are staying in less secure accommodation. If you can keep items locked away in a safe when you can’t keep an eye on them, you’ll be much less of a target.

2. Use zipped bags, and don’t take all your money/valuables out at once

We’ve all seen it in the movies. Someone takes all their money and all their valuables sightseeing, and in the process loses their cash, their passport and their phone.

It is always smart to spread your valuables out to ensure you always have money to get by, and that you don’t unnecessarily put items at risk. If you’re not planning on taking photos today, leave the camera in the safe at the hotel, if you’re not using your phone, zip it in your bag away from prying eyes. At the end of the day, vigilance is key, and when you’ve secured your stuff, you won’t have to keep worrying about keeping an eye on it.

As well as keeping items in a zipped bag, you can also ensure your things are doubly protected by using a small padlock to protect your bag from pickpockets. Thieves are often on the lookout for tourists, and try distraction methods to get into your bag. If you have a padlock, their techniques will be useless. You could also think about investing in a money pouch to keep emergency funds close. I know what you’re thinking, it’s a bit ‘dad on holiday’, but these things work!

3. Get Arma Karma insurance

If you don’t want to constantly feel stressed over the fact your stuff might be stolen, or you might drop your phone off a balcony whilst taking a beaut sunset pic, you need to get an Arma Karma subscription. Camera? Protect it. Laptop? Protect it. Phone? Protect – well, you get the idea. Want to learn more about all the benefits of an Arma Karma subscription? Compare it to other types of cover in this handy breakdown.

4. Check each country’s individual requirements

Whilst the UK’s policy on travel has gotten easier to understand, make sure you check the requirements for the country you’re visiting prior to setting off. For example, if you have not been fully vaccinated, British citizens cannot enter the USA. This is also a good tip when considering different countries’ customs and traditions. Have a look at the Foreign Office website to double-check whether it’s safe to walk around alone, and what other potential risks to travellers are. Better to be safe than sorry.

5. Stock up on hand sanitiser

Of course, keeping yourself safe does not just mean from scams and damage to your stuff, but also from COVID-19. Just because we can travel doesn’t mean the pandemic is over people!! Wear a mask, drench your hands in anti-bac, and keep abreast of all the COVID regulations in your area. And remember, if you feel ill, do not go on holiday.

6. Get travel insurance

You’ll have to get this elsewhere (for now ?). We make sure your stuff is safe, but to protect yourself, you’ll need a separate travel insurance policy. This will pick up the pieces in case you need emergency hotels, have an accident, or if you become ill. Check out our insurance besties Pluto for all things travel insurance, and also for some great travel tips on where to visit!