You may be familiar with some, all or none of the different types of insurance you can take out to protect your valuables. But knowing which does what can mean that your insurance cover is working for you in the way it should, without you over-paying.  What does contents insurance cover? Is it the same as personal possessions insurance? Is it easier just to get gadget cover? We look at all three to give you a clearer idea. And then throw in a fourth option that makes things easier. 


What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers everything in your home – valuables, carpets, curtains, furniture – the lot. When taking out contents insurance, you’ll normally be asked to provide an estimate of how much you think this lot is worth. 

Items over a certain value would need to be specified in most cases. This can increase your policy premium, while things like possessions cover and accidental damage are not always included as standard.  

Important: If you’re renting, and your landlord does have contents insurance, check what this is for, as it will be unlikely to include your possessions.  


What is personal possessions insurance?

Possessions cover is specifically for the higher-value items you’re likely to take outside and can cover for loss and accidental damage. Some policies protect your stuff while abroad, while others may have this option as an extra.  

When taking out a contents insurance policy, you’ll likely see the option to add on personal possessions cover, either as part of a broader policy option or as a paid extra.  

Important: While personal possessions insurance can cover against theft, keep a close eye on your stuff while out and about. Most policies won’t pay out if you leave items unattended.   

What is gadget insurance?

If you’ve just bought yourself a shiny new computer, phone or other electrical item, chances are you’ve been offered insurance for this item in particular. Gadget insurance can cover single or multiple items against theft or accidental damage. It often starts from a low cost per month.  

Important: Gadget insurance can normally only be used if the item is brand new.  

Where does an Arma Karma insurance subscription fit in?

We don’t call ourselves contents, possessions or gadget insurance, simply because we’re not any of these. We’re kind of the best parts of all three).

So, how does Arma Karma compare to:

Contents insurance? We cover items at home, like contents insurance. But instead of everything, we protect up to five valuable items which are most important to you. That means not having to tot up all the plates, towels, and the sofa that has a pile of books where a leg used to be.

Possessions insurance? And, like possessions insurance, we cover these items outside the home, and abroad for things like accidental damage and theft – as standard. But, you don’t need to have contents insurance in place only to add this on as an extra. With us, you can just focus on the few things that truly matter.

Gadgets insurance: As for gadgets insurance? Not all the most important things are electrical. The five items you can cover might include your Ray-Bans, bike, diamond ring and Les Paul. Whatever it is that matters to you, we’ll look at building your bespoke quote to make sure they’re protected. That includes refurbished phones, if they’re from an approved supplier. 

Want to know more? Visit our FAQs or if you’re ready to get a quote you can get started right away to see how little you can cover your stuff for (and which charity you'd like us to support on your behalf).