We get asked a lot, Can I Insure a Christmas Gift? For those who have tech-savvy friends and family members, gadgets were a popular choice. But what happens if those gifts break or are lost once you’ve received them? That’s where Christmas gadget insurance comes in.

Gadget insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of replacing or replacing that are lost, stolen, or damaged. This can be a great option for expensive gifts like gadgets, as they can be costly to replace if something goes wrong. You can individually insure the items you care about the most, and most importantly cover them when inside, outside and abroad, meaning you are insured even when you leave the house rather than just at home.

Individual items insurance can be a great option for expensive gifts like gadgets, as they can be costly to replace if something goes wrong. For example a new pair of AirPods Pro 2nd generation are £249 when you buy them brand new, with an excess of £75 you only pay £3.99 a month to cover them. It would take you almost 5 years to pay the same via insurance.

Top Benefits: 

  • One of the benefits of Christmas gift insurance is that it can give you peace of mind. Knowing that your gift is covered can make it easier to enjoy the holiday season without worrying about what might happen to the gift before or after it’s been gifted. Another benefit is that Christmas gift insurance can save you money. If your gift is lost, stolen, or damaged, the insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing it. This can be a huge relief, especially if the gift was expensive.
  • Christmas gift insurance can cover you outside of the house, so if you are travelling around during the holidays you can rest assured that you are covered. (exclusions are for loss – household gadgets, laptops and bikes). 

What to keep in mind when choosing your insurance:

When it comes to choosing a Christmas gift insurance policy for gadgets, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, look for a policy that offers coverage for the type of gadget you’re giving. For example, if you’re giving a smartphone, make sure the policy covers smartphones.
  • Second, consider the limits of the policy. Most policies have limits on the amount they will pay out for each claim, so make sure the policy you choose has a high enough limit to cover the cost of replacing your gift. Arma Karma covers items from £100 – £1500 currently.
  • Third, read the fine print. Christmas gift insurance policies often have exclusions and limitations, so make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered before you buy the policy.
  • Fourth, think about what items you actually care about, which ones you wouldn’t want to replace and which ones are worth the most. These are most likely to be the ones you should insure individually. 
  • Fifth, you need to ensure that you have a gift receipt for the item so that you can prove ownership of the item. If you are an Arma Karma subscriber already, you can upgrade your subscription by adding additional items to get an even bigger multi-item discount. 

In conclusion, Christmas gift insurance for gadgets can be a great option for protecting your investment and giving yourself peace of mind during the holiday season. Just make sure to choose a policy that covers the type of gadget you’re giving, has sufficient limits, and doesn’t have any exclusions or limitations that could leave you without coverage when you need it most. 

To insure your Christmas gifts, an Arma Karma subscription starts from as little as £1.99 per month. You can protect the things you care about inside, outside and abroad… so if that sounds like something you’d want to keep your stuff safe, get a quote and insure your new gifts.