What first comes to mind when you hear the words ‘contents insurance’? It may be “hassle”, “unnecessary”, “boring”: what it certainly is not is effortless, cheap, ethical or modern. We recognise that. That’s where we come in. Arma Karma revolutionises insurance for renters. By offering an alternative to the archaic content’s insurance model, we give the next generation a way to insure the items that they actually care about. Let’s take a look at the key differences, and see who comes out on top…

Round One: Subscription vs Annual Policy

  • General contents insurance providers lock you into a year-long policy and hit you with a penalty if you try to cancel. Plus, receiving that bill for a year’s worth of full contents cover is enough to make anyone start running for the hills. Subscriptions work so much better for the next generation, and allow you to have complete flexibility with your policy. Subscribers can cancel if they need to after a few months with no charges, and only have to pay a small subscription fee monthly, instead of a hefty sum every year.

Round Two: On the Go Cover Vs Sluggish Policies

  • Typical contents insurance is quite stagnant and only offers inside the home cover as standard, expecting customers to pay extra if they wanted their items to be protected outside of the home. At Arma Karma, we know that the items you use and care about the most are just as likely to be damaged or stolen out of the house as inside it, so we offer protection cover in the home, out of the home and abroad as standard. You live life on the go, now you can have peace of mind while doing it!
  • Additionally, to subscribe to Arma Karma cover is quick and painless, nothing like the tedious questioning of contents cover providers. With us, you won’t have to tell us what kind of lock you have on your door, the capital of Croatia or the name of your neighbour’s pet cat, we only require your basic personal information, and we can do the rest.


Round Three: Lifestyle- the Old Vs the New

  • Contents insurance simply does not account for the different ways the next generation live. This is most evident in two main ways. The first is the fact that we live with other people. When living in a house share, each housemate often brings different items into the home to use communally, or to keep for their own personal use- in these cases, it would be unwise and complex to try and organise a joint contents insurance policy.
  • Secondly, we often do not care about insuring all of our furniture even if we live alone. Many of us live in furnished/part furnished accommodation, or live in homes with lots of second-hand furniture, at which point a blanket contents insurance with a 20k limit would be excessive and unnecessary. With an Arma Karma subscription, you can insure a few items that are most important to you, and your housemates can do the same! This ensures that you do not have joint responsibility for each other’s things or policy payments, and you can focus on you.

Knockout Round: Charity!

  • We’ve got contents insurance on the ropes, and our knockout blow is our favourite aspect of our brand… our commitment to charity. We are one of the only insurance brands that gives to charity out of our own revenue. This commitment shows that for us it isn’t just about making money, its about protecting people like us, and making a difference to charities they love.

The fight is over, the judges are unanimous- who sounds like the winner to you?

Arma Karma subscriptions begin at £1.99 a month. Get a quote to see how little you could get cover for.