Apple’s product ecosystem continues to grow rapidly and we continue to buy into it, regardless of the cost. Although the same thing that attracts most of us to these nifty gadgets can be the worst nightmare for many… we’re talking about the design. 

Whether it’s the devices like the iPhone or iPad, which are mainly glass and extremely slippery or accessories such as the AirPods which are known for being the current champions of hide and seek, it makes sense to protect these items in one way or another. 

What is AppleCare?

Because of the many things that can go wrong after purchasing one of these devices, a lot of people decide to get AppleCare for iPhone; this is essentially Apple’s version of an accidental damage insurance cover.

If you’ve made the mistake of believing that your warranty protects you from things like accidental damage then like many of us, then we have some bad news for you; it actually just protects them from manufacturer faults. Because of this, there is a need for a service like AppleCare; it gives customers such a high level of security that they feel comfortable using their device without a case because they know that if they smash their device they’ll just have to pay a small excess fee.

AppleCare lasts for two years, which means that it also works as an extension to the warranty which only lasts for one year; although neither the warranty nor AppleCare covers loss or theft. 

 Is it worth it?

Although there is the convenience of getting your phone covered over the counter when you purchase your phone, it would be smart to shop around and have a look at all of your options.

The most important of all the differences between AppleCare for iPhone and all the other kinds of cover you can get on your device is that most of them typically protect you from loss and theft, as well as all the things you’d be protected by AppleCare and the warranty from. Imagine this; you buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max for £1049, protect it with AppleCare (£189) and a month later you leave it on the bus or it gets stolen… that would just be an extra £189 wasted.

This is what we feel is the main issue with purchasing AppleCare; if you were to get insurance from your pals at Arma Karma you’d be able to protect your 13 Pro Max with a monthly subscription starting from as low as £9.89. So if you think about it, if you went through the same experience and lost your phone a month after purchase, you’d have a replacement phone and you would have spent less money even after paying the excess (£175). 

Even though most Apple products have the FindMy app, these products can still be lost and stolen so if you’re going to protect the device from accidental damage then it only makes sense to protect it fully. So while you’re searching the internet for the best way to protect your iPhone; just remember that Arma Karma can protect your device from loss, damage, breakdown and theft, inside, outside, and abroad. If that sounds like the kind of protection you had in mind, get a quote for your iPhone insurance and up to four other items that matter to you.