Hey! If you're new here, we're Arma Karma. The monthly insurance subscription for the things that matter most - changing the insurance game for the better.

At Arma Karma, we have made it our mission this year to help people get to know who we really are. We don't just sell insurance policies, we stand by a set of core values that guide every decision we make. These values we formed as a team, reflect the ethics at the very core of our business.

We introduce to you the three values that define us: Inclusion, Impact, and Integrity.


We firmly believe that insurance should be accessible to all, regardless of income or location. That's why we strive to offer insurance policies that are accessible and affordable to everyone, ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported when protecting the things that matter most to them. 


Before Arma Karma, insurance needed to step up its game. That’s why we’re committed to being conscious of the positive impact we have on insurance, society and the world around us. As a certified B-Corp with our charity donations and reforestation, we exist for all our stakeholders not just our shareholders.


At Arma Karma, we believe in doing things the right way for our customers. We know that our customers are real people with real concerns, not just numbers on a page, and we're committed to treating them fairly and honestly in every interaction.

Why is it important for us to have Brand Values?

The insurance industry can do better, right? Well, we're all about making it more socially and environmentally conscious, and that's what our brand values are all about. We believe in giving back to people and the world, so everyone can enjoy greener, easier and happier lives with better insurance.

What kind of insurance do you do?

Great question! At our insurance company, we got you covered for the items that matter most to you. This includes personal gadgets, designer sunglasses, golf clubs, gaming consoles, and even your new saxophone. You have the option to choose from a variety of categories when selecting a 5-item policy with us.

Why should I go with Arma Karma?

You STILL need convincing? By insuring your items with us, you'll be protected against damage, loss, theft, and mechanical breakdown, depending on the item. All while you're at home, out and about and even on your holiday. An Arma Karma subscription is flexible, and customisable with no hidden fees. Trust us, there's no funny business. (Apart from our socials) 

Moreover, you can make a positive impact on the world by subscribing to us because 25% of what we make goes to a charity of your choice. You can choose from four amazing charity partners: Rainforest Trust UK, YoungMinds, Shelter Box, and Railway Children.

Tempted yet? You can get started for as low as £3.99 a month, protect the stuff you really care about and give yourself the peace of mind you always need. Start your subscription!