Going into your first year of Uni can be quite overwhelming. New people, long lectures, the studying! It’s a lot!

One thing Students need to know about Uni Life is how to keep your things safe, especially when you’ve bought yourself new and expensive textbooks, clothes, and gadgets to help get you through the year.

We’re here to share our best tips on how to keep your stuff safe at Uni, saving you the massive headache of losing and trying to replace what you’ve lost.

Always lock your Uni room when you leave your accommodation

It’s so important to lock your room when you’re not there. It may feel like a faff having to lock your room every time you leave, but trust us, you don’t want your flatmates having a look around your room without you knowing!

Just make sure you don’t forget your key when you have to get back in…


Get a Safe or a good hiding spot

Investing in a safe or even finding a good spot to keep your things out of sight, like the really important items; your Passport, your ID, your car keys, money, or anything you don’t want other people seeing when they’ve entered your room, keep it hidden!


Don’t leave your stuff unattended

So many students end up having some of their items stolen during the first year just by leaving their stuff unattended… big rookie mistake.

You can’t be too trusting when it comes to being at Uni, whether you’re in the library, a lecture, or a food hall, unless you’ve got a trustworthy friend with you, don’t leave your stuff alone!  


Label your belongings

Labeling your belongings could be a real-life saver. Having a personalised phone case or even having something on your screen saver that can easily be identified could really help if you lose it on a night out.

If you’re an Apple user, Apple allows you to engrave on iPads and Airpod Cases. Engraving your gadgets with either your name or initials, not only would you be able to prove ownership, but it would be pretty difficult for someone to steal and resell with your name on it.


Invest in locks

Whether it’s for your bike, your room, or even your cupboard in the kitchen, having a lock can keep away unwanted visitors. 

If there’s a secret food thief among your flatmates, you can now get locks that are powered with bluetooth that you can control through your phone. Here’s one we’ve found! Bluetooth Lock


Insure your stuff!

Lastly, insure your items! (Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it seems). Insuring your items can give you that extra protection, especially if your £500 Bike has been stolen… Insuring your stuff is just as quick and easy as ordering a takeaway on Deliveroo. With Arma Karma, you can have your Phone, Laptop, AirPods, Bike, and even your Saxophone insured in under 3 minutes! 

With our low subscription costs, you could be saving hundreds of pounds that would’ve gone towards replacing your items. With our Student Discount, STUDENT15, you can save 15% off your entire subscription!

An Arma Karma subscription starts from as little as £1.99 per month, protecting the things you care about inside, outside, and abroad… so if that sounds like something you’d want to keep your stuff safe, get a quote and good luck with your studies!