monthly insurance subscription

Personal Possessions Insurance. Cancel anytime.

Flexible cover from £1.99 a month

monthly insurance subscription

What is personal possessions insurance?

Everyone has a prized possession that they don’t want to lose or damage. It could be anything, including a heirloom, a brand-new laptop, or a pricey camera. Regardless of what your most prized possession is, you could require Personal Possessions Insurance to protect it while you’re away from home. You might assume that Personal Possessions insurance is included as standard with your home insurance, however this is not always the case so check your policy carefully. You may find you require a separate Personal Possessions policy to protect your things whilst you are out and about away from home.

monthly insurance subscription


Below you will find what is included as standard with your personal possession insurance subscriptions. 


monthly insurance subscription

Possessions insurance subscription. Cancel anytime.

Flexible cover from £1.99 a month

monthly insurance subscription
monthly insurance subscription
monthly insurance subscription

how to start your subscription

in just a few mins ⏱

Pick 1-5 items to protect
(From phones to saxophones, choose what matters most)

Get your monthly price
(Which comes out the same day each month)

Give us a couple of details
(Address, Birthday and a few final checks)

And finally, pick a charity to support
(25% of our cut will go to them each month)

monthly insurance subscription
monthly insurance subscription

how to start your subscription

in just a few mins ⏱

Pick 1-5 items to protect

Get your monthly price

Give us a couple of details

And finally, pick a charity to support

monthly insurance subscription

What is included in an Arma Karma Personal Possessions insurance subscription?

As standard we include the following:

  • Coverage from theft – in the unfortunate event that your personal possessions are stolen, you will be protected with our policy.
  • Loss and accidental damage – with our policy you are also covered if your possessions are lost or accidentally damaged. Please note loss protection excludes laptops, household gadgets and bikes.
  • Mechanical breakdown – sometimes gadgets and tech have mechanical issues, with our personal possessions policies you are protected from this and will be able to claim.
  • You’ll also receive 60 days of cover for when you are abroad.

When choosing Arma Karma as your personal possessions insurance provider you will…

monthly insurance subscription

Only protect
what you care

monthly insurance subscription


monthly insurance subscription
25% of our cut
to the charity
you choose

Why choose Arma Karma as your Personal Possessions’ Insurance provider?

  • Here are just some of the reasons you should choose Arma Karma as your Personal Possessions insurance provider:
  • Choose the items to protect and only protect the items you care about.
  • You’ll be covered inside, outside, and abroad with our subscription.
  • Cancel your monthly insurance subscription policy at any time.
  • 25% of our cut of your monthly subscription will go to a charity of your choice, protect your stuff whilst doing good!

What items can be covered in your Personal Possessions Insurance subscription?

Our personal possessions insurance covers a range of gadgets, equipment, instruments, jewellery and much more all. Below is the full list of items we cover:

Eyewear, Cameras, Jewellery, Bikes, Instruments, Tablets, Equipment, Smartwatches, Earphones, Laptops &Other gadgets – if something you would like covered isn’t listed, contact us and we will be able to help.

monthly insurance subscription
personal possessions insurance
Who are Arma Karma?

We are an award winning UK based Insurance intermediary established in 2019, registered as an Authorised Representative under FCA firm reference number 925873, underwriting on behalf of various “A” rated insurers.

What is classed as a personal possession?

Personal possessions are items that you would normally wear, use or carry either in, or out of your home, eg mobile phone, cameras, etc. 

What is personal possession cover?

Personal possessions insurance covers your personal belongings against loss, damage, or theft when you take them outside your home. 

How much personal possessions cover do I need?

Cover whatever is most important to you, thinking about how difficult it would be to replace without cover versus a monthly subscription payment 

Are my personal possessions covered away from home?

With an Arma Karma subscription your items are covered in the home, outside the home, and abroad for up to 60 days a year. 

Do I need personal possessions insurance if I have home (contents) insurance?

Our cover is designed for people who don’t necessarily need or want contents insurance, who want to select a few items important to them for cover.

Ideal for students and renters who don’t own property and vast amounts of expensive possessions.

Also, contents insurance doesn’t necessarily cover your items when you take them out and abroad – but our cover does! 

Does personal possessions insurance cover tech (mobiles, laptops, tablets)?

Our cover includes gadgets, and even includes mechanical damage as standard. 

Do you offer personal possession insurance for businesses?

We currently offer cover for individuals, but this may be an option for businesses in the future. 

Can I have personal possessions insurance if I live in shared accommodation?

Absolutely! We cover students in shared accommodation to protect their valuables. 

How many items can I cover under your personal possessions insurance policy?

You can protect up to 5 items per subscription (and get yourself a multi-item discount while you’re at it!) 

Why do I need personal possessions insurance?

This protects your items should the worst happen, if you wouldn’t be able to afford replacing your item outright, insurance is a good option to make sure you won’t be without your belongings. 

What is the maximum values of personal possessions insurance you offer?

Each item can be valued between £100 and £1500, and you can have up to 5 items on your subscription.  

Do I need personal possessions insurance as a student?

Students can be reliant on their laptop for study, and other specialist items depending on your program such as instruments, sports equipment etc. Getting your items covered could save you stress in the long run if anything happens to your items. 

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