monthly insurance

award-winning flexible protection
for renters against damage,
loss & theft wherever you go.

insurance subscription

award-winning insurance
subscription. protection for
renters against damage, loss
& theft wherever you go.

monthly insurance subscription
monthly insurance subscription
monthly insurance subscription

get 15% off with the code COHO15

monthly insurance subscription

get 15% off with the code COHO15

Sharing a house with others? We want to make things as easy as possible if you’re renting in an HMO.

Arma Karma have partnered with COHO to offer you peace of mind, through relevant insurance for what you need, where you need it.

Your personalised Arma Karma subscription allows you to cover up to five items such as those below on one policy. This protects your stuff against accidental damage, loss* and theft at home, outside and abroad.

Items we can cover

Items we can cover

monthly insurance subscription
monthly insurance subscription
How is this different to contents insurance?

We have designed our Possession-based insurance, and the company, to stand out from the crowd:

1. Only insure your stuff; and the stuff you actually care about. That means you don’t have to organise a policy to cover everyone and your items are protected at home, outside and abroad.

2. Your policy is a monthly subscription. Others might let you pay on a monthly basis, but usually they’re still annual policies and you’ll have to pay for the whole year, or pay a penalty to cancel. You won’t get that with us.

4. Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. For example, 25% of our cut of every policy goes to a charity of your choosing (from a panel of four). What’s not to love?

How does an Arma Karma subscription work?

We have streamlined our process as much as possible so you can get cover easily and quickly.

Step 1 – Tell us the items you want to protect, and confirm details

Step 2 – Tell us about yourself

Step 3 – Pick your preferred charity
Peace of mind, piece of cake.

How does insurance work?

Insurance is a promise.

In exchange for your monthly subscription (premium), after a loss/event we promise to get
things back to the way they were. For example, if you lose your phone, we want to get you a
replacement as quickly as possible.

Loss could mean theft, damage, or actual loss.
Most insurance policies last for 12 months, but with us it’s a monthly rolling contract, like
your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions.
With us it’s straightforward; if you need to speak with us simply get in touch on our livechat.

And if you need to make a claim, click the Claims button at the top of the page. You’ll be
redirected to our claims team who will help get everything sorted.

What does the insurance subscription cover?

Our cover protects your specified items from accidental damage, theft and loss (excl bikes, household based gadgets and laptops) as standard , but please be sure to read our two page Insurance Product Information Document for all the details , available here

What can I protect with my subscription?

Pretty much any of your possessions actually worth protecting! Common examples below.

Gadgets, including household gadgets
Sports equipment
Musical instruments

As a general rule we don’t insure items worth less than £100 or more than £1,500.

What does a monthly insurance subscription cost?

The terms (and cost) of your policy depend on a variety of factors, but mainly what you want to insure, and the value of those items!

As an example, the average cost of a policy that covers your £700 smartphone and £400  bike is £8.99, but subscriptions can start from as little as £1.99 per month. And if you need to cancel, you can at any time, with no hidden fees.

I need to make a claim. What do I do?

Simple. Head over to Claims, where our expert claims team will help get everything sorted. Alternatively, please call 0333 400 9048 (local rate call) and a member of the claims team will assist you

What is the excess if I have to make a claim?

This depends on the price of your item and which excess you choose. Our excesses are £35, £75, £125, and £175

If I do need to make a claim, how long will it take to receive compensation?

We do our best to get claims resolved as quickly as possible. Ususally we can resolve a claim within 48 hours, however this may depend on what type of claim is being made.

Who are Arma Karma?

We are an award winning UK based Insurance intermediary established in 2019, registered as an Authorised Representative under FCA firm reference number 925873, underwriting on behalf of various “A” rated insurers.

Can I trust you?

Absolutely! We may not fit the typical old insurance look, but we have all the same protections and accountability measures in place. As an insurance intermediary we are held to account by the Financial Conduct Authority and can be found on their online searchable register. We are supported by “A” rated insurers, which means we have the highest quality insurance partner backing.
More importantly, we actively ask for reviews from our existing customer base which will give you the clearest picture of how we treat our subscribers and how their subscriptions are working for them!


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