What to look for in your next pair of sunglasses

As the temperature slowly rises you’re reminded of a time called ‘summer’ more and more as the days go on… well, it’s nearly that time again. That’s why we thought it might be a good idea to make sure you remember the most important summer essential, sunglasses! In the months leading up to summer, looking for sunglasses can easily slip your mind so we put together some advice to keep in mind for that last-minute shopping trip. Here’s what to look for in sunglasses from UV protection to tint. 

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Sunglasses and UV protection

When the sun’s out you can find yourself in a number of random situations, so it’s important to be equipped for any scenario; shades don’t just make you look cool, they protect your eyes from wind, dust and most importantly the sun. It only takes small amounts of exposure to the sun and its UV radiation to cause damage to your eyes, which will only continue to get worse over time. To make sure that you are avoiding this, you should choose a pair with a good level of UV protection. Something that can also help is making sure that your shades are polarised; polarisation is a special kind of filter that can reduce the amount of glare your eyes are exposed to, meaning that it won’t impair your vision so much.

Tint hints

If you’re here looking for style tips then we won’t blame you (we are pretty stylish), but the best we can do is give you some help making a more informed decision on what colour tint you should go for:

  • Grey – this is a good colour to choose as it brings the brightness down without impacting your colour vision.
  • Brown/Amber – these colours are good as they increase your contrast sensitivity, therefore improving your depth of perception.
  • Pink – this colour is great for reducing glair and brightness, which makes it a favourite among sports enthusiasts as it helps with contrast sensitivity and distance vision.
  • Green – this colour is great for outdoor activities like golf as it helps you read fine contours on the green and the fairways.

As you can imagine, our choice of brands is strictly sustainable (sorry, not sorry); one brand that we’d recommend is Waterhaul, an eyewear company that has been using abandoned fishing nets to make their product and clean our oceans.  Another brand that we’d recommend is our fellow B Corp, Bird Eyewear; this company aims to seek out and innovate the best sustainable materials for their frames. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you to make sure to choose a sturdy pair for all of the summer fun coming your way, but it’s important to remember that sunglasses are expensive and anything can happen! Although have no fear, Arma Karma is here to make sure that your shades are protected with one of our monthly subscriptions from as low as £1.99.

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