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If you’ve ever owned a smartphone then you understand that countless hazards are waiting to do some damage to not only your screen but also your wallet; so, with an increase in screen size, there can only be more risk when it comes to your tablet. Several different companies make tablets and just as many companies sell insurance for these devices, but is there a need for it? We feel like there is.  

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What do people use tablets for?  

Because there are so many accessories for tablets with countless functions, many people are opting to purchase one of these instead of a smartphone, laptop, and sometimes even a pen and paper.   

If you compare the iPad to the iPhone, you quickly realise that they are both essentially the same device, other than the fact the iPad has a much larger display; most of the apps are the same and the iPad is compatible with Apple Pencil, while the iPhone is not.  

If you compare the iPad to the MacBook then there is also not a lot of difference, especially since Apple introduced the magic keyboard there is not a lot of difference at all. If you consider the iPad’s touchscreen capabilities then you could argue that it’s superior to the MacBook, which also is not compatible with the Apple pencil.  

Although it’s a device that is spoken about much less than phones and laptops, a tablet is arguably the best kind of device to own as you can use it for both business and pleasure.  

What kinds of people use tablets?  

We’ve already discussed people using their tablets for work, but what kind of tasks can they use them for? They essentially have all the capabilities a laptop or desktop would have in regards to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; although the main kind of person that will use a tablet specifically for their job is someone with a design-related role.  

If we use Apple’s range of tablets as an example, the iPad Pro is a perfect size and has a processor great for anything a designer might need. In the past you would need to transfer images from paper to a digital format, so now we can cut out the middle man and complete the project from start to finish without needing any other devices.  

These days you can find tablets at the top of a lot of children’s wish lists and parents often feel like it only makes sense to provide one for them. Tablets give children something to play games on, watch videos on, and also complete schoolwork on; although while they keep children occupied and give parents a break, in the hands of children they can have a much shorter lifespan.  

Where do people use tablets?  

The great thing about tablets is that they’re big enough to watch a movie on and small enough to travel the world with; these devices aren’t confined to your home or your office, you can take them anywhere at any time. Although this comes with a risk of theft when you leave your bag unattended and risk of water damage when you’re sitting near the pool.  

In our eyes, it’s a no-brainer; your tablet is a tool that can be used for so many different aspects of your life, that it only makes sense to have it protected.  

An Arma Karma subscription for tablet insurance starts from as low as £5.99, which is a small price to pay so that you know that your tablet is protected inside, outside and abroad. We know that people care about more than just their tablet, so you can add up to four more items to your subscription too; it doesn’t matter if it’s your smartphone or your e-bike, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’ve got something that you care about then get a quote and see just how little it costs to protect your valuables.  

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