How to make your insurance work
for you

Insurance can be intimidating at the best of times, let alone when you’ve had your items damaged or stolen.

On top of that, we’ve all heard of times when someone has not had a claim accepted, even though it wasn’t their fault.

We’re on your side at Arma Karma, and want to help you ensure your claim gets accepted. With that in mind, here are a few handy tips which will allow you get the best out of your subscription.


1. Know your cover

You should always read through your insurance product information document (IPID) before you purchase your subscription, as well as whenever you need to make a claim. The IPID is a clear guide which takes you through what is and isn’t covered in your policy. You can find our IPID on the Arma Karma website, in the FAQ section.


2. Contact us (quickly!)

The faster you get in contact with the claims team, the more likely you will have your claim approved. They’re here to help out, not catch you out, and will give you a rundown on all of the steps you need to take to satisfy your policy requirements, so you’re less likely to run into problems when submitting your claim.

Not only does your rapid response help smooth out the claims process, but it reassures insurers too, who otherwise can become spooked if you leave it to long before you claim.


3. Follow the instructions

Whether these are instructions from the claims team or from your policy wording, by following step–by–step instructions given to you, you can ensure your claim is watertight. For example, if your phone has been stolen, make sure you file an online report to the police, as this is often a requirement when crime is involved.

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